The September Sunday Assembly Edinburgh is all about uniqueness and creativity. Our guest speaker is world-class performance poet and SA Edinburgh favourite MiKo Berry. MiKo is becoming increasingly widely known for his activism around mental health, his support for children and young people and his urge that we all embrace our creativity. He writes:

“My goal is to make people not only rediscover their creative sides, but to understand how important it truly is to our happiness and our identity. I want to touch on the way that we compare ourselves to others and this leads to anxiety and bitterness. Young children have no barriers to creativity, but at some point we start to lose faith in our ability to create art. And I think I know why…”

We’ll also have the usual menu of songs to sing with the expanding house band, poems, Molly will be doing her best, there will be reflections, our new community noticeboard feature of local events, cake and coffee, and the chance to reflect on how we can all Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More.

This month we are doing a food bank collection for Edinburgh NE foodbank (part of the Trussel Trust). Please bring along food donations, particularly sugar (1kg bags), tinned tomatoes and long life fruit juice cartons. More on this as we get nearer to the Assembly.

As ever we are family (and dog) friendly, fun and free. Come and join us to celebrate life.  Usual venue and time – 11.30am at Lifecare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street, Stockbridge EH4 1JB.