Our July Sunday Assembly is all about two amazing things – food AND evolution. Jonathan Silvertown, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh, is joining us to share some secrets about how we co-evolved with our food. Jonathan is the author of Dinner With Darwin: Food, Drink and Evolution. He writes:

“All food is the product of evolution and diet has shaped our own evolution, too. Delving beneath these simple facts produces plenty to wonder at. Our closest relatives, the other great apes, are vegans. So were our primate ancestors, yet we are capable of living on just plants or only meat. How did evolution cut us such slack? The one choice evolution has not allowed us is cooking: it’s compulsory and you may ask, “Why?” Even more puzzling is the fact that though we are mammals nurtured on milk, 70% of us worldwide cannot digest milk as adults. Find out how evolutionary biology provides the answers to such puzzles.”

There will also be our usual cornucopia of poems, songs to sing with the house band, reflections, and cake! It’s family (and dog) friendly, fun and free – what a great way to start your Sunday morning. Join us at Lifecare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street, EH4 1JB and celebrate being alive!

Note that there was no June assembly – we had our international Assembly on May 27 instead.