This month’s Sunday Assembly Edinburgh is now devoted to the theme of Taking Your Time. It’s going to be about the power of persistence, hopes, patience and picking the right moment to do things. Our special guest speaker is Lorna McCallum, whose topic will be ‘Taking Your Time To Shine’. Lorna says:

“The world is full of people who love to shine. The brighter the better. We see them in all walks of life – athletes, comedians, even a celebrity or two. Lorna likes to shine. But nobody told her how long it would take before her “time to shine” finally arrived. What a good job she has patience and is prepared to take a long term view on the things that matter to her. If you’re wondering when your time to shine will come then come along and listen to Lorna’s uplifting story on why the best things in life sometimes really are worth waiting for.”

Lorna is a member of the Professional Speaking Association and is an accomplished speaker, trainer and facilitator who setup her consultancy business, Elephant, in 2009. She specialises in improving productivity and wellbeing in the workplace through strategic communication interventions, and has worked with organisations such as Balfour Beatty and Arup Consulting.

There will also be the usual mix of poetry, songs to sing with the house band, reflections, great people to meet and cake to eat. We’ll be led by guest host and performance poet MiKo Berry, so a lively time is guaranteed. Come and join us at LifeCare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street, EH4 1JB at 11.30am on Sunday 6 May – it’s free, family (and dog) friendly, a great way to start your Sunday, and you can join us to celebrate being alive!