Our February 2018 Sunday Assembly is about the importance of Play. February is often the month when we put our heads down for serious work. As 2018 starts to sink in, Alex Owen-Hill will be joining us to explain the importance of staying playful. Alex is a speaker, writer and researcher who blogs about communication at CreateClarifyArticulate.com. He says:

“I’d be the first person to admit that I sometimes take life too seriously‚Ķ but I don’t think I’m alone. Most of us can relate to the feeling that we’re prioritising our ‘have-to-do’ tasks over our favourite fun activities. But, recent research has found that this is a mistake; play is vital for our mental health. It all starts we’re about 12 years old: we start to forget how to play‚Ķ What is play? and How can we incorporate it back into our lives? Come along on the 4th of February to find out!”

We’ll also have poetry from one of Edinburgh’s stand-out performance poets, MiKo Berry. There will be pop songs to sing with the ace house band, interesting people to meet and cake to eat. Come and join us at LifeCare Edinburgh, 2 Cheyne Street, EH4 1JB at 11.30am on Sunday 4 February – it’s free, family (and dog) friendly, and you can join us to celebrate being alive!